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The year of the Headquarters'
foundation in Chiuro (SO)


Mq production area


Business Unit


ISO Certification


Commercial offices
Italy: Milan
Abroad: Lyon (France)


What we do for our partners


Every project arises from a need: we analyze, design and implement systems and solutions for soundproofing, diffusion, filtration and regulation in air transport, for the supply of electricity, for safety in nuclear plants.
We are a technologically advanced company with great experience in many application areas.
We have a relationship of collaboration and synergy with our customers that allows us to research and always find the solution that best meets the needs and problems that are submitted to us.
We operate in the industry and in the civil sector, in the automotive sector and in the pneumatic transport of waste, as well as in the safety of nuclear installations.

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Business Unit

We operate in various areas with standard products and dedicated solutions across many applications: air distribution and filtration, industrial ventilation and acoustic protection.

Air, treated kindly
Our special solutions

Our story

From 1994 to now, constantly improving

We were born in 1994, from an idea of Roberto Lapsus: to offer to the market innovative metal carpentry solutions, in order to satisfy previously neglected needs. Approaching market niches little considered, specialized.
Today we are a new generation industrial reality, technologically advanced, certified, with important collaborations around the world.

  • Roberto Lapsus founds CLR

    The factory covers an area of 500 square meters

  • CLR grows up to 1000 sqm

  • CLR grows up to 2,700 sqm

  • CLR receives ISO 9001 certification

    CLR purchase a punching machine with shears and implements 3D drawing

  • Introduction of a new figure in CLR

    CLR hires an IT manager to develop processes and productivity.

  • Start of the generational change

    and development of the internal organization

  • CLR begins its production, branding their own products

  • The company’s turnover grows up to € 4.8 million

    • Investments amount to € 4.5 million
    • With the new laser system and the automatic warehouse the spaces increase to 9,000 sqm
    • CLR opens a trading company in Lyon
  • CLR opens commercial office in Milan

    • CLR hires a commercial director as well as a quality and safety manager and implements the company organization processes
    • CLR plans a new strategy to enter the markets
    • A company is set up in Istanbul
    • Organizational division: Air Division for residential air conditioning, Heavy Duty for the industrial market
  • CLR sets up the R&D department with test laboratory

  • Implementation of the two business units

    Definition of the six-year industrial development plan with goals aimed at growth and internationalization

  • Collaboration with the company Tadiran for indoor air treatment